The Way Forward Workshop

A team activation to help you discover windows of opportunity amid shifting realities.


Help your team explore the emerging era. Make the most of this moment of change.

This is a unique window of time for leaders trying to help their organizations adapt, thrive, and live into a purposeful vision. It's an undeniably challenging time, but it's also an unprecedented opportunity to take stock and respond with intention. 

Most of us are doing all we can to respond urgently to this crisis — but there are more time scales at play than just the urgent, more voices to hear beyond just the leader's, more seasons than just this stage of the crisis. As work shifts, how are your people impacted? As things settle, what changes for your customers? As a new world emerges, what will your organization’s response be? This moment presents an unprecedented opportunity to engage your team's diverse insight and experience to find the way forward, together.


A workshop to answer: "What now? What next?"

Domain7 has designed an interactive, 2-3 hour remote workshop experience to help teams and organizations spend time exploring how to adapt to the changing era. We've done the workshop as a team ourselves, and found the experience cathartic, creative, and concretely practical. The session guides participants through three horizons of change (short, medium, and long-term) and three lenses of impact (people, customers, and organizations). The time is designed to meaningfully involve your team in identifying ways to live into your organization's vision, through questions that are generative, generous and inclusive.

What are the outcomes? 

  • A gallery of opportunities: Depending on the number of participants, you’ll arrive at one “key opportunity” per group for final submission, with a specific audience, time horizon, vision and description. 
  • A deep dive into observations: Through the workshop, your participants will generate extensive notes on your people, your customers and organizations, and how they can be impacted or served in the short, medium and long term. 
  • Hearing the right signals: Cut through the noise and find the signals right now in this crisis. What are the signals and insights that your people can offer, from their variety of touchpoints within and without your organization? How do those perspectives give you a deeper, more intimate understanding of what your organization is facing? 
  • Team alignment and connection: You’ll experience a valuable time of inspiration, discussion, exploration and catharsis by creating a space for your team to talk through the current reality.


Bring The Way Forward Workshop to your organization

Our team of facilitators and designers are deeply experienced in creating custom workshops for any size of team, anywhere. If you're interested in bringing The Way Forward Workshop to your organization, reach out to us to discuss the realities at play for your team, and how the workshop might help in this time

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More about The Way Forward Workshop

How is it facilitated?

Domain7’s team of facilitators are not simply trained in standard facilitation methods, they are also deeply experienced with the unique in’s-and-out’s of leading sessions virtually. From breakout rooms to agenda planning, supported virtual documents and whiteboards, the session will allow space for all participants to have a meaningful experience, regardless of where they are.


What methods are used?

The workshop is a combination of design thinking techniques and facilitated futures-thinking. We’ve drawn on several toolkits and influences to create a unique virtual workshop experience.


Who are the facilitators?

The primary facilitators for The Way Forward Workshop are our Design Director, Stanley Lai, and Facilitation Practice Lead, Kevan Gilbert. 


How long does it take?

About 3 hours, including set-up and wrap-up, plus an optional pre-workshop interview with your leadership team to ensure we’re aligned with your goals.


Who can be involved? 

Anybody at all, from a small leadership team of 3, to a full organization (up to 150 participants).

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